KC Coins Collectable Items

In Regina, SK, KC Coins buys and sells various collectable items. From coins to pocket watches, we have many items in stock for adventurous collectors.


coinsIt's probably safe to say that every one of us has had a coin collection at one time or another. Whether it be a few treasured coins kept in a matchbox, a jar of forgotten change, or items from around the world, coins are one of the most commonly collected items.

This is not to say that a coin collection is any less valuable that other less common collector items. Coins can have extreme value, BUT, the hard part is in identifying which are valuable and which are not.

1923 Cent

1923 1 cent coin

1947 5 Cent

1947 5 cent coin

1883 10 Cent

1883 10 cent coin

1907 25 Cent

1907 25 cent coin

1934 50 Cent

1934 50 cent coin

1949 Dollar

1949 dollar coin

Pre-owned Rolexes

pre-owned-rolexesThe name "Rolex" is synonymous with luxury, affluence and style, and so are often traded as valuable collectibles. We also buy and sell all other "High end" watches such as Omega, Tag, Breitling, Cartier & Movado, to name a few.

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches harken back to a time when railway was one of the main forms of trasportation. Railway employees needed to know the precise time, demanding the use of highly accurate, quality time pieces. A typical good watch was considered one where a minimum of 17 jewels were used in it's movement.

We buy and sell all pocket watches, but names like Hamilton & Illinois, with 21 or more jewels, will fetch top dollar!

pocket watch pocket watch pocket watch

War Medals

war-medalsMany of us have have relatives and, perhaps, friends, who have participated in notable conflics of the past, and who have been awarded for thier bravery and dedication with some sort of medal. While a simple medal may seem like a small token for what was, perhaps, the ultimate sacrifice, to a collector, they can have tremendous value.

We buy all types and German war medals are becoming very popular.

USA Coins

1881 Morgan dollar

1881 Morgan dollar

1900 Morgan dollar

1900 Morgan dollar

1935 Peace dollar

1935 Peace dollar

1904 Barber dollar

1904 Barber dollar

Stone Mountain

1925 Stone Mountain Memorial half dollar

Half Dollar

1946 Commemorative half dollar

1902 Quarter

1902 quarter dollar

1857 Liberty Seated

1857 Liberty Seated dime

1919 Indian Head

1919 Indian Head five cent piece

1863 Indian Head

1863 Indian head cent

Large Cent

1851 Large cent

Flying Eagle

1858 Flying Eagle cent

1876 Quarter

1876 quarter dollar

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